Exterior Cleaning & Power Washing
Locally owned and operated, serving Grey, Bruce and surrounding areas.

Have you noticed unsightly black streaks, moss, mold or dirt on your roof? 

These are just a few things that can damage and ruin the appearance of your roof. Black Streaking is attributed to bacteria and algae growth, which can penetrate and infest the surface of your roof. It is a food source for moss, mold, and lichen to root and grow, eventually damaging your roof. Most people think power washing this growth is the solution; however this could damage you roof or void its warranty.

Green Pure Clean will clean your roof with proper cleaning solutions utilizing a softwash process to ensure no damage it done to your roof. We follow the cleaning guidelines set out by ARMA (Asphalt roofing Manufacturers Association) and are certified roof washers through the PWNA.



Key Benefits of the Service

  Extend the life of your roof
  Increase your curb appeal
 Increased property value
 Certified and insured
 Training seminars attended regularly