Exterior Cleaning & Power Washing
Locally owned and operated, serving Grey, Bruce and surrounding areas.



Weather, road grime, algae and salt are just a few of the harmful factors in your concrete looking dirty and tired. 

Green Pure Clean has an arsenal of cleaning products to efficiently clean most stains, dirt and grime from your driveway, sidewalk, curb or dumpster pads. Call for your free quote and to discuss a regular maintenance program.

We are a distributor for Deco Products offering solvent free sealers and coatings for all your concrete, paver and blacktop needs. After your surface has been properly cleaned let us seal it for you with our high quality, eco friendly sealers. We offer transparent and low gloss sheen in penetrating sealers to high gloss form filming sealers to protect against UV, dirt and grime.

Bio Blacktop Sealer

Deco Bio Blacktop is designed to condition and seal asphalt with a quick cure time. It is a non-toxic alternative to asphalt and tar based material offering long term dependability, protection from UV rays and chemicals.


Key Benefits of the Service

  Extend the life of your home
  Increase your curb appeal
 Increased property value
 Certified and insured
 Training seminars attended regularly